Vacuum Sintering Furnaces

R. D. Webb Company RED DEVIL™ High-Temperature Sintering Furnace

Furnace Applications
  • sintering
  • densification
  • annealing
  • outgassing
  • purifying
  • heat treating
  • melting
  • graphitizing
  • reaction bonding
  • testing
  • brazing
  • aging
  • diffusion bonding
  • thermocouple calibration
  • TGA
  • DTA
High Temperature Vacuum Sintering Furnace
Typical Materials Processed
  • ceramics
  • cermets
  • graphite
  • refractory metals
  • reactive metals
  • ceramic matrix composites
  • metal matrix composites
  • carbon-carbon composites
  • advanced materials
  • engineered materials
  • aerospace materials
  • rocket engine materials
  • heat shield materials
  • nuclear reactor materials
  • turbine engine materials
  • tungsten carbide (WC)

Established in 1986, the R. D. Webb Company, Inc. is manufacturer of the RED DEVIL™ vacuum sintering furnace. Designed to operate at a temperature of 2000° C vacuum and 2200° C argon, the RED DEVIL™ high temperature furnace is well suited to research and testing in university, industrial, and government laboratory settings. The furnace's high-temperature capability also makes it an ideal sintering furnace for ceramics and other advanced materials.

The RED DEVIL™ is air-cooled, making drains and cooling water unnecessary. This feature also eliminates the possibility of corrosion or water leakage, problems that would in time degrade vacuum quality and furnace performance.

The RED DEVIL™ furnace consumes little power--less than 2 kilowatts--and operates from a standard 20 amp wall outlet. A typical run at full temperature can be made at a utility cost of less than one US dollar.

The RED DEVIL™ high temperature sintering furnace is an ideal choice for researchers interested in simple and efficient vacuum equipment.

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